Friday, February 24, 2017

Hay Park Way Stars

Hay Park Way Stars!

 WOW! What an amazing assembly we had today with all our stars who have already got 20 or more green tickets. 

Over half of Bishop Class had a chance to walk across the stage today to show the school how respectful, responsible, resilient and all round amazing students they have been so far this year!

Kai Pai Bishop class! You should all be really proud of yourselves!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Bishop Class Council Speeches

Who wants to be our Bishop Class council members?

In Bishop class today the students had a chance to stand up and say why they thought they should be our representatives for the school council. 
Everyone had some great reasons from being able to get us more mufti days, school picnics and more to just wanting to try something new!

 I am looking forward to counting all the votes and seeing who will be our Bishop class council members!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Learning about I-pads

Today in Bishop Class we had a visit from James who is our amazing cyber smart and i-pad usage teacher.

James came in and taught us all how to use our crab claws to hold the i-pad with both hands, to place the i-pads carefully onto the tables and how to safely pass them to each other. 

We also got to learn how to airplay our i-pad screen from our i-pads to the smart board so we can see what each other has been working on.

Reiko and Alyssa were our amazing helpers and demonstrators to the class.

Thank you James for coming in to teach us so many new skills today and we are looking forward to practicing all our new skills we have learnt and sharing them. 

Learning in Bishop Class

We have been practicing our spelling using magnetic letters and today Jesse managed to complete 2 cards all by himself! Kai Pai!

It is fantastic to see so many of our Bishop class members being great friends and helpers to each other when it comes to our learning. Well done for being responsible learners!

Wet day creations

Wet day building!

Last week we had some rainy days so the students of Bishop Class got out our big blocks to create some buildings and work together as a team!

 The students of Bishop Class worked on balancing the blocks on top of each other and helped each other when they got stuck. 

Get, Set Go!!!


WOW! It was so hot on Tuesday in our Get, Set, Go session yet everyone in Bishop class did so well to battle the heat and give everything a go!

We started with passing the bean bag back and forth to each other (making sure we were saying thank you).

So excited when we catch the bean bag!

Watch out Usoalii!

We had to move our feet sometimes to be able to get the bean bag!

Thank you so much Coach Danny for teaching us so much about throwing and catching. We have learnt all about underarm and overarm throws and how we need to move our feet as we are not stuck in the ground like a tree. Looking forward to next Tuesday.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Get Set Go

In Bishop Class we had Get, Set, Go come and teach us about balancing.

Coach Mars warmed up the class with a game where we he would call out a number, we would get into groups and we would work together to help keep our balance.

We had a balancing competition where we had Kali and Mercia managing to balance for 4 min! Kai Pai!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Here in Bishop Class we have had an amazing start to our learning this year. We have enjoyed trying new activities, reading on the i-pads and working together to solve problems! I can't wait to see what exciting learning we will be doing next week.


Welcome to Bishop Class Blog! Here you will find updates and photos of what is going on in our class with our amazing students. 

Our class photo. What great smiles!