Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hay Park Way Winners!

Congratulations to all the 60 point Hay Park Way Winners!  

Bishop Class is learning all about road safety.

Today in Bishop class we had Constable Rob come in to discuss road safety with us! It was great to see how many of the students already knew so much of how to keep themselves safe when walking around roads and driveways.

We got to look at how we all come to school in the morning and found out that most of us come in a car.

To end our lesson we practiced how we should cross the road looking left and right at all times to keep our eyes open for cars!
Thanks Constable Rob!

Cyber Smart!

This week with James we had so much fun creating our own explain everything video looking at our classroom and where we belong in our school!

It was so fantastic to see so many members of Bishop class helping each other out when they got stuck and working so hard to complete the video!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Getting ready for our car boot sale

In Bishop Class this week we got to do some baking to sell at our car boot sale! 

Working together we made coconut slice and rice bubble cakes!

We all took turns to mix the ingredients together and had a talk about safety in the kitchen!