Thursday, February 16, 2017

Get Set Go

In Bishop Class we had Get, Set, Go come and teach us about balancing.

Coach Mars warmed up the class with a game where we he would call out a number, we would get into groups and we would work together to help keep our balance.

We had a balancing competition where we had Kali and Mercia managing to balance for 4 min! Kai Pai!


  1. Kia orana Bishop class.

    Thank you for sharing your learning. I really enjoyed reading about how you worked as a team to stay balanced. I really want to see if I can balance as long as Kali and Mercia did. Do you have any tips to help me stay balanced on one leg?

    From Miss Fortes

  2. Kia Ora Miss Fortes,

    Thank you for sharing our learning with us. We did learn some tips on how we can stay balanced on one leg longer. You need to hold your arms out to the side like a plane, have your standing leg as strong as a tree, keep your eyes looking straight ahead and practice. I hope this helps you with your balancing.

    From Miss Wilson