Sunday, November 12, 2017

Creating our own beat!

In Bishop Class, we have some very talented musicians. This term we have been working on creating our own music and songs. Today we had a great time using the rakau sticks to create beats and patterns that we could put a song too. 

Everyone got into pairs and after showing a few ways we can use the instruments the students went off to create their own music. 

Our next challenge is to learn how to use some other instruments and then put it all together for our very own class song!

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  1. Hey there Bishop Class, My name is Elizabeth From Wesley Primary school in Room 3.It made me think of a time when our class was playing the guitar we were learning about the different chords and tune the guitar has the Great job they must be very good beats to listen to awesome playing and great videos. Maby next time you could add more information than a picture. If you like to check out my blog here it is
    Blog U Later