Friday, March 31, 2017

Bishop Class Assembly

Bishop Class Assembly!
Wow! What a fantastic assembly put on by Bishop class today! Every member of the class stepped up to show us just how spectacular they can be! 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Rockets Performance

 Today in Bishop class our Rockets reading group got to perform their play to us that they have created themselves and performed! The play was based on the story Zapped! from the junior journal!

Thanks Rockets!

Let's Play!

Bishop class has been showing the Hay Park Way so they earned extra play time! Kai Pai Bishop Class!

All about US!

Our inquiry topic this term has been Identity and it was great to have James tie this in with his cyber smart lesson! 

Here are some of the finished works!

Thank you so much to Dorothy and Kali for helping out your friends in Bishop class in creating their video! 

Keeping our i pads safe

In Bishop class we have been making comic strips on Explain Everything on how we should look after our i-pads! Kai Pai Sana, Phersayiz and Alyssa!

Good Job Aaron, Gabriella and Raiha!

Great Work Miraj, Hafsa and Kali.
Excellent work Mercia, Reiko and Raad!
Fantastic work Mafa, Mohit and Gaylene! 

Well Done Bishop class for your amazing work!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Another rainy day in Bishop Class

As the rain was pouring down outside the classroom walls the students in Bishop class were having a great creative lunch time inside! Sana and Alyssa used their building skills to create a race car track!

Gaylene, Kali and Jashaia were all being students for Raiha who was teaching them to make paper fortune tellers. 

Mohit and Gabriella were also building with the blocks however their challenge was to balance as many blocks on top of each other! 

Rimati was showing how he can show the hay park way with his wrist band that he had earned as well as helping the builders tidy up before eating time! 

Learn, create and SHARE!

Today in Bishop class we had a chance to use one of our skills that we have learnt from James to screen cast our writing work up on the smart board to share with each other. It was great to be able to share our work with the whole class so everyone could both hear the story and read it for themselves! Another bonus was that the helpful students of Bishop class could give others advice on spelling errors that they knew how to fix!

How fast can you run?

Today we had another fabulous get, set, go lesson with Coach Danny! We were learning how to move our arms and legs properly to run as fast as possible!

We now know that our hands go from cheek to cheek with bent elbows as well as opposite arms and legs!

The best part of the lesson was being able to race! So many fast runners in Bishop Class that when Miss Wilson joined in she nearly came in last!

The class award goes to....

This week our Bishop Class award went to Dorothy for always having a positive attitude and her amazing writing! Kai Pai Dorothy!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Getting right into explain everything!

Getting right into Explain Everything!

Today in Bishop class we had another amazing time with James using Explain Everything. We learnt to open a new slide, change colours, write our name, draw a picture and even record our voices!  

 James and myself were so impressed with how well all the students in Bishop class already knew how to work Explain Everything.  It was fantastic how every student was ready to ask for help when they needed it as well as help each other out.

Well Done Mohit for remembering your hug hold when carrying your iPad around the classroom.