Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Stop Motion films

In Bishop class we have been experiementing with stop motion films using our knowledge from our inquiry on life cycles. 

Gaylene has made a stop motion film on the life cycle of a butterfly.

Raad's film is all about the life cycle of the plant. Really great to see him be creative in using a pencil to show the plant growing up.

Jashaia and Aaron worked together to make a stop motion film about the life cycle of a chick. 

Kali and Alyssa have also worked together to create their stop motion film. It is great to see them adding credits at the end so people can see who has made the stop motion film.

Our last day with our fluffy friends

Today was our last day with our fluffy friends. Bishop class had a chance to look after them and finish off their chick diary. 

Vaa was very gentle with his chick.

Norman holding the chick.                    Mercia making sure the chick has her best side to the camera.

 Reiko was nervous at first to be looking after the chicks but he was very brave and soon the little chick was asleep in his hands.

Mohit's learning about Sharks

Mohit has created an awesome explain everything about his book about sharks!

Our diaries about our chicks

This term we have enjoyed the learning experience of watching eggs hatch to give us chicks that we could then learn about and watch grow. Each student had a chance to document their learning and the process of the chicks hatching. Have a look at these amazing diaries. 

Kali has created an amazing diary with examples of his chick habitat he made, his learning for a life cycle of a chicken and more.

Dorothy has worked hard at her diary as well and it looks great!

Gabriella really enjoyed having the chicks in our class and the chance to hold them. Have a look!

Mercia's diary is a great peek into what we have learnt and how much she enjoyed our chicks!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The chicks are on holiday.

Aneesah enjoyed having a chance to hold and look after the chick while the brooder box is being cleaned
Phersayiz was our chick monitor today at school and she was great at making sure the brooder box was clean and ready for the chicks to be put back.
Jesse, Aaron and Teuaki were so calm and gentle while holding onto the chicks. They are super chick monitors.

Each group enjoyed being able to have their chicks visit their habitats that they made for them. 

Tuakana Teina Movie Making

We have been working hard with our tuakana on our stop motion movies.

Amanda and Jashaia are taking turns to move their props while Kali takes the photos. 

Gaylene is waiting patiently to take the next photo. 

Norman is busy making his props for his groups stop motion.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Chick chicks everywhere!

WOW how amazing to see so many of our chicks already having hatched today. We all arrived this morning and saw that 7 out of 10 of our eggs had hatched and we have 7 lovely and fluffy chicks. 

Our 7th egg hatching and his buddy waiting for him.

Our chicks in their brooder all snuggling together under the light.
Fruit snack today was spent around the brooder which was way more exciting than eating out in the sun. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Painting our chick houses

Today our eggs arrived and everyone was very excited to see them and look after them. We decided today was the perfect day to paint and finish our houses so they will be ready when they are hatched. 

Teuaki, Gaylene and Mohit were all working so well together on each section of the house so they all could have a turn at painting.

Kali and Hafsa had some parts of their house that needed fixing and they worked together to solve the problem.

Cross Country Practice.

What a wet and windy day for a cross country practice. It was super to see everyone trying their best and running 2 whole laps to practice for cross country.

Norman followed by Reiko were supporting each other for both laps around the field.

Well done Jashaia you showed resilience by keeping on going even when it was getting hard.

Raad did well running in his gumboots which were the best kind of shoes for this wet day.