Monday, May 8, 2017

Going to the library

Kali and Dorothy had a nice relaxing time today in the library reading some new books.

 Mohit and Tueaki made themselves comfortable on the couch.

Norman and Reiko were sharing a bean bag and helping each other with tricky words. What a great way to end a Monday!


  1. I really like how you shared beanbags together.Also sharing your learning and information to us.That is Astonishing what you have done.Well done bishop class.

    From:Pohatu class

  2. Ola, Bishop class

    This is Tyrone I really like how you have a nice smile on your faces and how you's are all into reading your books

  3. Kia ora Bishop Class I really like how you guys are look like that you guys are friendly to each other but here is a question.Are you guys reading each others book's.? Can you please do a video of you's reading.

  4. No we no we were reading our own book.we are really friendly to each other.thanks for looking on bishop class blog. By Kali