Tuesday, May 9, 2017


It is fantastic to see so much enthusiasm in our reading lessons with everyone on the iPads to complete their reading tasks.  


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  3. Ola, Bishop class
    this is Viliami from Pohatu class.I would like to say your class is excalinto at reading books and writing books.Congrats to Phersayiz Jesse and Reiha.

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  5. Hi Bishop class, I really like how you are working together and how you took photos of them learning.

    1. Hi Jeremiah, Thank you so much for commenting on our Blog. I think it is also great that they are working together!

  6. Ola my name is Hinemoa i like the way you use your ipad for your work it is dirffint fro room 9

  7. Hey Bishop class

    This is Bob from pohatu class I would like to also say your class is really having fun learning different things But I think you should do a screen castify so we all now what your class is learning.

    That all I got to say Blog you later

  8. Bonjour my name is Daniel and i'm from Pohatu class. I just want to say that your class looks focus and keep up that good work. I could see that your class is doing there reading actives with there iPad and using there books. You should screencastify them working. togeather.

  9. Talofa lava, my name is Nathaniel and I am an student in Pohatu class in Hay Park School.How does it feel to be using iPads in your awesome class?.Is it fun using an iPad in class instead of books?.Well my opinion is that, iPad's are more fun then books.One more question do you know I movie?.If you don't know I-movie it is an app that you could use to make a little slid show or a movie. Maybe you could make a I-movie about Ipads.

    Thank you for looking at my comment.By Nathaniel