Monday, May 8, 2017

Using our iPads for reading!

Wohoo!! What a fantastic start to our 1:1 iPads in our reading lesson in Bishop class! Comets reading group got straight into their reading tasks today.

It was great to turn around and see the group working so hard and well together to complete their tasks. Kai Pai Comets!

The Rockets group also got to get a start on their reading activities as well! They were really excited and it was lovely to see each of them helping each other out when they needed help!

I am very proud of all members of Bishop class for being so resilient with the process of setting up the ipads! Thank you Bishop class :) 


  1. Hi
    Bishop class it's me saim again i like how you are playing

  2. Kia orana Bishop class my name is Amanda and i really like how you took photos of the children using the iPad for reading. Next time you should take a video instead of taking photos.