Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Lets get our groove on!

In Bishop Class today we had our very first session of dance. It was so much fun learning new moves such as the toe tap, star jump, criss cross and more!
Reiko and Norman were learning about being connected and how we can connect our bodies using both our feet and hands.

Phersayiz and Teuaki had great fun working together balancing and connecting. 

For some of us in Bishop Class we need to work on our balance but some like Marwah and Raiha we have good balancing skills.

Jesse was focussing really hard on balancing on just one hand and foot. 

Our new student Abigail and Raad were connecting their bodies together through their heads. 

Thank you so much to Jasmine for a great first session of dance. We can now practice all our new moves when we do jump jam in class!

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  1. Hi my name is Mercia i loved how you trying to stretch .Next time you can add a video.