Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Practicing our blogging skills!

Today we had a look at our class blog and how we have so many fantastic visitors who comment on our amazing experiences. Everyone in Bishop class wanted to have a chance to be able to have a look at other classes blogs and share their thoughts and comments.

Raad loved looking at all the classes amazing learning. 

Vaa it was great you knew to start your comment off by introducing yourself when we make a comment.

Miraj knew that he needed to say something kind, something helpful and ask a question to make a good blog comment.

Kali made sure to reread his comment to make sure it made sense before he published it to Pohatus classes blog. 

Dorothy is about to publish her comment.

Phersayiz enjoyed her first time creating a comment about Year 5 and 6 camp. She really wanted to know where they found the starfish!

Raiha has been a great friend to Abigail who is new to Bishop Class. She is helping Abigail look through the blogs and explaining to her how we make comments. 

Jashaia made sure he looked properly through all the class blogs before he chose a blog post to comment on. 

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