Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Our last day with our fluffy friends

Today was our last day with our fluffy friends. Bishop class had a chance to look after them and finish off their chick diary. 

Vaa was very gentle with his chick.

Norman holding the chick.                    Mercia making sure the chick has her best side to the camera.

 Reiko was nervous at first to be looking after the chicks but he was very brave and soon the little chick was asleep in his hands.


  1. Hi my name is Mercia and i am from hay park school i liked your chicks and next time can add a video please.

  2. hi i am Raad from bishop class,

    I go to hay park school. I love bishop class! Also you can white some more whiting about the chicks.

  3. Well done Bishop class! You all are really caring for chicks and very creative chick house! Lovely teacher Ms. Wilson amazing students!
    Mohit's Mum ❤️