Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Chick chicks everywhere!

WOW how amazing to see so many of our chicks already having hatched today. We all arrived this morning and saw that 7 out of 10 of our eggs had hatched and we have 7 lovely and fluffy chicks. 

Our 7th egg hatching and his buddy waiting for him.

Our chicks in their brooder all snuggling together under the light.
Fruit snack today was spent around the brooder which was way more exciting than eating out in the sun. 


  1. Bula bishop class,
    I like how you put some photos on the blog post because it tells me a little bit more about what you all are talking about. Something that you could improve is write more so that I know more what you are doing. It reminds me when I had cat and I was very exited because that was my first time that I had a animal. Did you all fell exited about getting the new chicks?

    Have a great day Bishop class

    From Mandita

  2. Hello my name is amara and I am from waikowhai primary. I really enjoyed reading your time would you put a video on your blog.what did you learn from recycling?From amara.