Friday, August 11, 2017

Making house for our chicks

Next week is going to be very exciting with Bishop Class getting 10 eggs that we can watch hatch into chicks. Today we decided to get creative and start making little houses that the chicks can stay in while they are with us. 

Jashaia is helping his group create an outside area for the chicks as they need a place to go outside so they can get some sunshine.

We had a very cool visitor from Pohatu class Gemma come and visit us to check out the houses we were making.

Amanda also came to see what her brother Aaron and the rest of his group were up to as well. They are creating a 2 storey house.

Marwah and her group have a house that has a little playhouse inside for the chicks to be in as well!

Raad was very thoughtful to add an extra large tv for his chicks so they won't get bored! Good thinking.

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  1. I love the way you all are very thoughtfully designing a home for our beautiful visitors. A TV is very flash and entertaining.