Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Stop Motion films

In Bishop class we have been experiementing with stop motion films using our knowledge from our inquiry on life cycles. 

Gaylene has made a stop motion film on the life cycle of a butterfly.

Raad's film is all about the life cycle of the plant. Really great to see him be creative in using a pencil to show the plant growing up.

Jashaia and Aaron worked together to make a stop motion film about the life cycle of a chick. 

Kali and Alyssa have also worked together to create their stop motion film. It is great to see them adding credits at the end so people can see who has made the stop motion film.


  1. Hello my name is Daniel I am from waikowhai primary school. I really like your stop motion films. Next time you could add more videos. How long did it take you? From Daniel.

    1. Hi Daniel, thank you for the nice things you have said about our stop motion animations. It took us a few days to film our stop motion animations. Thanks,
      from Bishop Class